Location - Bulwary Książęce

Outstanding location

A 5-minute walk from the Market Square

The location in the very center of Wrocław ensures exceptional comfort — from here, it is close to the Old Town, to clubs, restaurants, cafes, or everywhere where the city is teeming with life.

The immediate vicinity of the Odra

Bulwary Książęce investment is situated in a prestigious location in the heart of the city, in the immediate vicinity of the Odra river. This location combines prestige and an exceptional atmosphere of the Old Town.

Green areas around

In the immediate vicinity, there are many outstanding green areas: Słodowa Island, Bielarska Island, Botanical Garden, or green Old Town Promenade where you can relax walking or jogging.

Incredible view of the Old Town

We believe that city architecture should reflect the character of the city, and express its beauty with the common denominator of shapes and colors. We are part of the vision that accompanies the development of Wrocław, as we change its face and make this city more and more beautiful for the residents. The unique architecture and the high quality standard of our investment perfectly fits the architectural landscape of modern Wrocław.
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