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Welcome to Bulwary Książęce – a place which will help you be amazed by Wroclaw. Here you can find everything you may expect from an apartment in the very center of a city. Fancy aromatic coffee or excellent dinner? You won’t have to look far. The uniquely designed pedestrian passage of Bulwary Książęce hosts atmospheric cafes and restaurants, as well as various shops. The building provides free access to shopping arcades, at the same time providing privacy for its residents: the entrance halls are located away from the shopping alley.

Looking for an apartment with a beautiful view? Look no more! Bulwary Książęce boasts a unique view over the river and Wroclaw University. You will also find numerous monuments of the Old Town nearby.

You are in the heart of Wroclaw, a 5-minute walk away from the Market Square. You also have various green areas at your fingertips: from the internal pedestrian promenade to the walking routes along the Odra River. Bulwary Książęce is a new place on the Wroclaw map – with modern architecture, high standard of finish, but above all with a prestigious address, which is worth having.

The first stage of Bulwary Książęce has already been put into use. Currently, the second stage of the project is available for sale – its completion is planned for 2020.


Discover a one-of-a-kind place that combines intimate atmosphere with excellent access to all urban attractions. Live under a prestigious address – close to the numerous monuments of the Old Town and only 5 minutes from the Market Square.


A modern, carefully designed building perfectly corresponds with the skyline and atmosphere of the city. High quality finishing materials guarantee its durability and timelessness. The unique character of Bulwary Książęce is also emphasized by its façade. The first stage façade is made of Boa Diamante ceramic panels with characteristic lumens that make it truly unique. It is an extremely rare and exclusive material imported from Italy, used only on several other buildings around Europe. The second stage façade will be made of colorful, modern brick cladding and will refer to the form of the surrounding structures.

Vicinity of green areas

The vicinity of walking routes along the Odra River creates many opportunities for enthusiasts of an active lifestyle. The planned internal pedestrian passage will also include greenery and parking spaces for bicycles.

High standard of the project

The high standard of finish and excellent quality are visible in every construction detail – from the design concept to smallest elements of decoration. Bulwary Książęce includes numerous facilities – a spacious patio, elegant entrance door portals and elevators with a modern design.

Investment plan

entrances to apartments

underground garage entrance

entrances to commercial premises

public transport stop


In addition to the attractive location and unique views, Bulwary Książęce project is distinguished by modern architecture and a unique standard of finish. The second stage provides for creating Comfort apartments with a height of 2.68 m and Prestige apartments with a height of 2.82 m. Each apartment will be equipped with a large terrace or balcony.

2 types of apartments


  • apartment high: 2,68 m
  • thought-out layouts to facilitate interior design
  • above-standard window height


  • apartment high 2,82 m
  • the highest standard of finish
  • apartments with balconies and terraces
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